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The KDK Charter Service Update

The KDK Charter Service will be operating again during the fishing season of 2014 as our credentials were approved and received in December 2013.  We will be fishing both Minnesota and Wisconsin waters as we have in the past fishing seasons.


Our charter fishing rates for the 2014 season are posted and what you are viewing is what we will be charging as long as you booked your charter and sent the deposit while those rates were posted.  We do anticipate that rates may have to be changed if government mandated or some of the general operating costs increase.  So far that has no happened so we are holding the rates at the same as the last couple of year’s rates.  If you book a charter and we firm up a cost, we will hold to the cost in the effect at the time of the booking and a deposit will be required as usual.  If we have to increase our rates, we will post an effective date for those new rates for your information.  In addition, if you contact our charter service requesting information via email or provide an email address, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs based on what you are asking for.  There is no charge for an estimate.  The only extra cost items which apply to fishing charters would be the fishing licenses for the state waters we are fishing in, packaged ice for transporting fish and promotional items like caps.


The best way to contact our charter service for information is to use the contact form on the KDK Charter Service web site.  It is easy to fill out and it gives us the chance to give you the information you desire getting.  Many of the people who just request general information use this form and get a quick reply time of within the day.  If you have a difficult time having an available web service, I’d suggest calling on the toll free phone line.  Generally there is someone available to answer your call or an answering machine to take your call and message.  Be sure to speak clearly and please leave a phone number to call back.  You might want to repeat the requested information and telephone number a second time as sometimes the cell phone reception is hard to understand.


So far, we are experiencing a very cold winter season.  Lake Superior is developing ice along the shores when the winds calm down.  This coming spring, we could be in for another late May or early June for our better fishing start up conditions.  It will take some time before fishing conditions are known so I suggest checking in from time to time.


We will be doing a couple of fishing seminars at the Douglas County Fish and Game League Show at the Wessman Arena, Superior, Wisconsin on March 28th, 29th and 30th 2014.  The seminars will give you information on Lake Superior fishing, baits to use, where to go and any information tips that will put fish in your boat.  If you have questions and are planning to attend, be sure to bring those questions as many others will probably want to know the answers as well.  In addition, we have donated a Half Day Fishing Charter for a drawing prize to show admission ticket purchasers.  In addition to our seminars, there will be other programs with very good information in them covering the outdoor sports.  You will enjoy this locally produced outdoor show.


We have also donated to the Kiwanis TV Auction being held on April 26th, 2014, a Half Day Fishing Charter.  This event auctions off various items and services with the proceeds going to non-profit youth organizations in our community.


This should give you the information and help that has been requested.


Fishing is our business and fish we will.

Captain Dave Koneczny

KDK Charter Service

4894 Drakes Road

Duluth, Minnesota 55803

218-343-3851 Boat Phone

218-724-1264 Office

888-724-1264 Toll Free

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